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RF-15MSC (Creature) RF-15MSB (Bride of Frankenstein) RF-10E
RF-15MSC (Creature)
List Price: $1,049.99
Our Price: $954.99
RF-15MSB (Bride of Frankenstein)
List Price: $749.99
Our Price: $689.99
Sale Price: $529.99
List Price: $1,549.99
Our Price: $1,349.99
Sale Price: $1,274.99
The Republic Firearms Model RF-15MSC Monster Series Creature Performance Carbine
The Republic Firearms Model RF-15MSB Monster Series Bride of Frankenstein Performance Pistol
The Republic Firearms Model RF-10E Elite Rifle

RF-15MSV (Vampire) RF-15M RF-10P Hell Hound
RF-15MSV (Vampire)
List Price: $1,099.99
Our Price: $989.99
Sale Price: $792.99

List Price: $609.99
Our Price: $569.99
Sale Price: $409.99

RF-10P Hell Hound
List Price: $1,499.99
Our Price: $1,304.99
The Republic Firearms Model RF-15MSV Monster Series Vampire Performance Carbine
The Republic Firearms Model RF-15 Magpul MOE Carbine (Gen 2)
The Republic Firearms Model RF-10P Hell Hound Pistol

*Available in Standard Black, Sniper Gray, Coyote Tan, or OD Green
**Color Shown is Sniper Gray


For all firearms purchases, the firearm is required to be delivered to an authorized dealer for presentation of the buyers FFL license, for authorized transfer of the firearm.