About Us

Republic Firearms
Reliability, and Precision, when it counts most.

Republic Firearms located in Strongsville, Ohio opened its doors in 2010. We are a family and veteran owned and operated business with industry ties and experience for over 30 years. We are a Title 2 NFA Firearms Manufacturer, and we manufacture our own distinct line of firearms. We also design, manufacture, and sell our own firearm accessories and components. Our goal is to be able to provide reliable, and accurate firearms at affordable and fair prices. We also strive to deliver outstanding customer service and support to our customers.

Republic Firearms are Factory Trained Certified Cerakote Applicators. That means that every item we coat is properly prepped, coated and cured; using factory approved techniques, application methods, and only the best equipment. We are so confident in our coatings we offer a Lifetime Warranty against coating failure or defect. We spot check mil thickness on all of our coatings, and our attention to detail as well as the quality of our coatings means that Republic Firearms is now one of the largest Cerakote application facilities in the USA.

Republic Firearms also offers Norrell Moly Resin, Gun Candy, Nickel Plating, NiBX, and Brass Plating. Our facility also offers OEM Branding, Etching, Engraving, and Aluminum Polishing services.

Republic Firearms goes beyond mil-spec in our commitment to precision parts and craftsmanship. What makes Republic Firearms different than all other firearms in the market? We actually manufacture in house many of the parts and items used in and on our rifles and pistols. For the items we do not manufacture, we use the highest quality American made parts, via contract manufacturing from proven companies producing superior products including:

• Stainless steel springs and detents
• 4150 Chrome-Moly Steel Barrel 1:8 Twist
• Billet Steel Flash Hiders
• Investment-cast stainless steel fire controls
• BLACK NITRIDE® Barrels and Bolt Carrier Groups
• S2 300ksi Extractors
• M16 Mil-spec bolt carrier group
• Built by Americans, for Americans
• Limited Lifetime Warranty and 100% Quality Guarantee